Why Us?

Experience: Mark and Dale have a history of developing luxury single family homes. We believe that the most important part of the process happens before construction commences. Our focus on functional designs and energy efficiency provide lasting value.

Focus on Design

Ever wonder why two similar homes often sell for markedly different prices? The answer is design. The most value a developer can bring to a home is ensuring the design meets the client’s needs with functionality, form and flow. We believe that our years of training and experience, and the use of only seasoned trade professionals, makes us cost effective while ensuring high quality and value.

Personal Touch

Dale and Mark are personally involved in every design and build. We surround ourselves with a dedicated team of architects, interior and landscape designers and tradespeople. Our small team approach ensures quality and managed timelines.

Business Model

We believe that bigger isn't always better when building luxury homes. We are happy building one home at a time. We use technology to work smarter with less overhead. Our small team approach makes us cost effective.


We build luxury homes in Canmore. Period. We are dedicated to one market segment in one geographic location. We believe Canmore is a truly unique place and we want to help future friends realize their perfect mountain home.

The Developer


Dale is a seasoned developer of contemporary green homes, including his own, living next to the neighbours he sold to. In addition, Dale has a wide range of real estate experience, including office, bare land and residential condominiums, renovations and commercial and residential rentals.


As a mechanical engineer, Dale truly understand energy efficiency and spent most of his engineering career helping organizations reduce their energy use. His passion for cost effective efficiency was applied to the Colgrove project—five luxury homes built on Colgrove Avenue in Calgary from 2008 to 2014. Dale lived in one of these homes alongside the neighbours who enjoy the unique features these homes offer—superior energy efficiency, tight building envelopes, unparalleled views of downtown Calgary, tunnels connecting detached garages, garage roof-top outdoor living spaces and elevators. Check out the Colgrove project here.

The Builder


Mark oversees each project, from the drafting table to the final finishing touches. His years in the business have given him extensive experience and insight into the full scope of building trades. THIS EXPERIENCE, COMMITMENT, AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL GUARANTEES THAT EVEN IN A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE MARKET, ONLY THE BEST TRADE PROFESSIONALS ARE SELECTED TO WORK ON AN ARBUS MOUNTAIN HOME.


As the owner of Arbus Homes, Mark has developed some of the best inner-city homes in the Parkdale and South Calgary communities. He personally oversees each project, and will supervise each trade on site. As a demanding perfectionist, Mark insists on quality. As a seasoned builder, Mark insists on fair prices and value from all our suppliers.

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