Custom design your home.

Trusting a builder to create your dream mountain home can be daunting. We understand that every custom build is unique in the process to be followed, perhaps more so than the uniqueness of the home. At Arbus Mountain Homes, we do not have a prescribed process for a custom build. Instead, we listen to the needs and wants of our clients and develop a process that they desire. For example:


Lot Selection

We can provide a building lot, utilize the client's land or help our clients buy a building site. As a realtor in Canmore, Dale understands the local market and may be able to find a building site that is not currently on the market.


Design Process

This is the most important step and we realize that some clients will want to have minimal input, others will want to be deeply involved. We will utilize an architect or home designer that “clicks” with the client to create a design that will be incredible. We will also bring our energy efficiency expertise to the project and design in the level of green attributes the client desires.



Unlike other cost-plus builders, we are willing to entertain other fee structures that provide the client’s desired optimization of cost, quality and schedule. We have four different business models that are commonly used for commercial and industrial project development.



Many builders are tradespeople who have limited business training. Mr. Hildebrand is a professional engineer with 30+ years of commercial experience. His knowledge and experience will be put to use to minimize your risks and ensure your investment is protected throughout the build process and during the new home warranty period.



Managing the numerous trades and sub-trades is critical to ensure a quality and cost effective project. Mark has years of experience with trades management that can make a real difference. For those clients who want to be involved in the build process, we can accommodate.



The selection of finishing materials is critical to create a beautiful mountain home. Similar to the design process, we will hire an interior designer that resonates with the client. Some clients desire minimal input into the selection of finishing materials, whereas others will want to make every decision. The range of costs for finishing materials is very wide and management of finishing material costs is paramount to keeping a project on budget.


We are a member of The Alberta New Home Warranty Program. In addition, we will consider additional warranties a client may desire.


At Arbus Mountain Homes we will strive to make the home building process fun and exciting. Our goal is to turn clients into friends.